How to Choose the Right Watch?

How to Choose the Right Watch? pinterest

Selecting the right watch to complement your outfit is something every man ponders on, this is because a watch has the power to make or mar an outfit. There are many types of watches in the world today as they have evolved from years of continuous modification and innovation. Size matters when it comes to choosing the right watch, so it is important to go with something that gives the right balance with your outfit and at the same time the occasion. The best type of wristwatches for men is sophisticated, versatile and simple. Watches are categorized on a number of criteria, but the most basic types of watches are the analog and digital watches.

Analog wristwatches have two hands that point to the hours and minutes. There are 12 marks separated at regular intervals representing 12 hours. The longer hand points to the hours, while the shorter hand points to the minutes. These watches are formal and suitable for business and formal outings. Digital wristwatches: These watches come with LCDs that show time and/or date in numerical form. They are usually intended to be for casual occasions. Digital watches display information about watches precisely and have advanced features like calculator, compass, thermometer and GPS. Complex digital watches with all these add-ons are more expensive than simple digital watches.


Leather-strap watches are suitable when attending a formal event, traditional wedding or black-tie event and will not pair favorably with T-shirt and jeans. Leather-strap dress watches are suitable for well-to-do men who seek simplicity and sophistication. It is sleek rather than encumbered. It is seldom flashy but draws attention to itself in a subtle way because it is classy and complements your status.

The casing may be circular, rectangular or square. There are high-end varieties made from precious metal such as silver gold or platinum. The band is always leather and is the way to go, but some manufacturers offer both leather and metal band options. They are inexpensive and cost can be range from $100 to $1000. There are activity-specific watches like a sports watch, tool watch and field watch which have a larger case with a leather or metal bracelet.

They can be digital or analog. Typical examples are The Rolex Submariner, Luminox Sentry 0200 and Tag Heuer Monaco, Obaku Storm Thunder, Omega Seamaster, Citizen Promaster, Seiko Diver’s Watch, Steinhart Ocean One and Fiori Classima 3466 .

Activity-specific watches are built-in for a specific purpose. Diving watches are designed to withstand underwater pressure. The Diving watch is perhaps the most common types of watch you see men sporting. It was designed for people who spend time in water of near it. They are usually made of corrosion-resistant metals like titanium or steel and of course rubber or silicone.

Sports watches are usually light-weight and can withstand lots of pressure. The distinct feature of the dive watch is the uni- directional bezel located at its base. It can only rotate anti-clockwise. The rotating bezel allows the diver to know how long he has been underwater at a glance. They can be donned with sportswear, casual wear and business casual wear. Sports watches with rubber straps can easily be cleaned after a strenuous workout and have built-in features like timers, water resistance, backlit screens or dials for nighttime use, compasses and altimeters. They are inexpensive and cost can be range from $100 to $1000.

The field watch is the offspring of the WWI “Trench Watch” which was developed for officers who needed perform organized attacks, tell time at night and wear a watch that is durable in battle while at the looking good at the same time. Field watches convey a military vibe and are functional, rugged and stylish at the same time. Field watches are quite versatile and can be worn on all kinds of adventures as well as for everyday casual or business outings. So it combines well with Jeans and T-shirt, Khakis and sports coat. The casing is typically of stainless steel or titanium. They sometimes have a feature called “hacking seconds” where you can stop the second hand by pulling the crown out: this makes it easier to set the watch to a reference signal. The band can be a leather or canvas strap. Metal is too heavy and would easily scratch because the field watch is designed for a rough and tumble use. Typical examples are Timex Weekender, Lum-Tec Combat B-19 Bronze, Filson Mackinaw Field, Shinola Runwell, Vitronix Infantry and L.L Bean Classic Field Watch.

Pilot watches have been a part of aviation since the industry kicked off. Watchmakers have improved upon those original designs of the early 1900s such as the Santos Watch to make timekeeping an easy venture for pilots flying into the yonder. The pilot watch does not have a firm, distinctive style. They are medium-sized and designed for easy reading. It can also be used for a casual get-together but not for black tie and formal business wear. Examples are Breitling Navimeter, Omega Speedmaster, Citizen Hawk Navihawk, Wingman Watches, Laco Type A, Bell & Ross WWI-92 Military. They are inexpensive and cost can be range from $100 to $1000.