Men watch wearing by women

Men watch wearing by women pinterest

Women’s watches are often chic statement pieces and
manufacturers provide an incredible collection of striking designs
with hordes of feminine and delicate touches. However, these
days more and more women are putting their watches out-of-theway in support of bolder and chunkier men’s designs. Even men
normally never wear woman’s watch, women love to wear men’s
watches though and men do not mind at all.

What is it that makes a woman desire to wear a man’s watch?

Have a look at the factors which will depict the reason
why women like to wear men watches! Read on…


1. Investment Value                                                                                                       

If we talk about investment value, not all watches are created
alike. There are a plethora of gorgeous women’s watches out
there and all of those worth investing in. However, men’s
watches have the power to be more pleasing to users. When
you buy a men’s watch, it’s less likely to fall out of fashion than
a women’s watch and resale value is an imperative factor to
think about when investing in a timepiece. Companies with a
well-established name, update their designs and technology all
the time. For example, Police watch offers a range of men
watches that can be worn by women as well. Their pieces are
minimalist looking. In order to get all the attention, try SUNRISE collection.

2. Style

There is one more reason women love to wear men’s watches
and it is possibly the major one. The greatest thing about a
woman wearing a man’s watch is that it makes a contrast with
other attractive accessories and feminine styling. Some watch
manufacturers do create Thanks to Police’s BURBANK , by
wearing this; a woman can not only look elegant but also
sporty at the same time. Strong women typically choose this
type of masculine watch because it talks about a solid

3. Bigger is Best

When it comes to fashion, bold accessories have been admired
for decades and it’s obvious that this trend is here to stay
always. For those who are looking forward to making a
statement with their watches, a colorful strap is merely an
option, however; a large and attractive watch face provides a
similar effect while maintaining a classic look. The large size of
these watches can help emphasize the delicate lines of the
woman’s wrist and they build quite an amazing contrast when
worn with very feminine clothing. PATRIOT presented by
Police’s bigger clock face fits well with a more sporty image
and in fact, its boldface and the wide watchband combine
perfectly with more delicate accessories.