Why should we wear blue accessories?

Why should we wear blue accessories? pinterest

Fall is arriving and as you move from your summer wardrobe to fall, you will start thinking regarding the new accessories and clothes. Because when the temperatures begin to cool down, the world of accessory will continue to heat up. Therefore, watches will be required as this is the accessory that can be seen as the most fashionable one. You all be expecting to perceive warm tones in accessory designs as the year nears its conclusion however what may surprise many accessory lovers is that some of the old favorite accessory tones will be a must-have for the upcoming fall and winter season and on the top of the list is BLUE.


Blue is tranquil, cool and calming though the industry’s obsession with this color. If you ask many people, they will tell you that their favorite color is blue. The fall & winter color trends recommend that this admired shade will stay in style.

1. Blue Dial Watches

A blue watch doesn’t have to be considered casual or sporty. For formal clothes or events where you decide to wear a watch, people usually go with a black dial timepiece having a time only feature or an easy to access watch over a sports watch. Always bear in mind when choosing a timepiece for an evening event is to match the dial color to the time of the day.

Models with a navy blue dial, versus a light or vibrant blue, will make for a more formal watch, particularly when paired with a matching leather strap. Such as, CHECKMATE  is stylish men’s watch from the Police brand has a massive silver stainless steel case of 50 diameters, is carefully arranged with a navy blue leather strap and has an original blue glass coat. It is both a classic design and perfect for formal situations. Besides this, LIV OCEAN design is featured by its beautiful rose gold case and the ion plated blue mesh bracelet, besides its blue colored dial. This Obaku design combines simplicity with style, totally earning that effortless fashion vibe.

2. Blue Dial Depth

Blue dials have the capability to attain light in a mode many other dials can’t always accomplish mainly when on your wrist roaming through different surroundings. The CLASSIMA 3461 is a model for women of 33 mm case diameter with a Milanese silver mesh bracelet. The shiny blue dial gives elegance and refinement to this unique model from the Fiori brand. Apart from this, The Obaku’s GRAN OCEAN combines high quality, style and luxury. This fashion business casual watch is specially designed for men. It is a stunning, multifunctional and resistant watch.

From above concept it is clear that a blue timepiece can be both formal and sporty. Pairing blue with the right tones and accessories can totally transform the look of a plain watch and it has the skill to work in a way black or white dials can’t.